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Syn-Flo 90 is an outstanding diester-based lubricant used primarily in reciprocating compressors. It offers excellent wear protection as well as eliminating carbon sludge and varnish. Syn-Flo 90 will not carbonize.

  • Can reduce oil consumption.
  • Reduces down stream contaimination.
  • Eliminates hydro carbon gas polymer fouling.
  • Prevents wear and cylinder scoring.
  • Reduces down time, promotes less maintenance.
  • Reduces spare parts needed because it protects the value from harmful carbon that can become abrasive.
  • In splash lubricated systems Syn-Flo does not need changing for at least a year of continuous operation.
  • Eliminates excessive heat thereby reducing operating cost.
  • Out-performs any petroleum.
  • Provides extended life in a crankcase (not splash lubrication).
Syn-Flo 90 SDS Sheet

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